• The key and the door

    In standard eight, I worked my head off around algebras, the human body, Congo and South Africa, idioms and metaphors, ‘vitohozi’ and ‘viunganishi’- my language Kiswahili- and the burning bush as well. How vividly I remember that story. It might be the only one I got out of the CRE taught. Four years later the

  • My Unemployment Story

    Some of the most important virtues that I was taught growing up came from my parents and elders. One of the most important lessons was how to be a hard working gentleman. I applied hard work and graduated back in 2017. Just like any other graduate out there full of hope of getting a job

  • My Story – Joblessness

    My name is Lucy and this is my unemployment story. I joined University in September 2014 after scoring B in KCSE. Way back I had always wanted to be a nurse but I did not qualify. I enrolled for Bachelor of Science Informatics and I was so excited finally join campus. My lecturers were always