Our Programs

Agriculture Program

DAF participates in the dissemination of information to the young people about accessing land and other resources that are vital in promoting agribusiness;  Promotes agro processing of the produce grown  for ensuring sustainability of the agribusiness.

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Food Processing

Promote mentorship of youth interested in agribusiness by the successful young farmers / entrepreneurs trained by the foundation under the agricultural camps initiative;  Reduce Food dependency across Kenya and Africa.

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Agriculture camps

Digital Africa Foundation main focus on Agriculture camps are: disseminating information regarding agribusiness, training youths on the do’s and don’ts of farming, resources required, availability of said resources and sustainability of agribusiness.

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Online Training

Digital Africa Foundation is taking steps to ensure that during this period where the youth have lost hope than ever before find something to keep themselves occupied, stay motivated, optimistic and find opportunities to make some money.

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Sports & Development

Digital Africa Foundation promotes sports for social development, Team, Leadership, hard work, overcoming adversity, setting and reaching goals as well as dealing both with success and failure.

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Leadership & Governance

Digital Africa Foundation main focus on leadership and governance is on explaining why leadership and governance matter and why and how it affects the youth.

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