DAF Online Training


Digital Africa Foundation is taking steps to ensure that during this period where the youth have lost hope than ever before find something to keep themselves occupied, stay motivated, optimistic and find opportunities to make some money. Digital Africa Foundation has opened its doors to support the youth who are interested in finding online jobs and making some extra money on the side. If you do not have access to resources, a laptop will be given to you while you are at the office and access to internet. The youth will be allowed to train for a period of one month and make some money from online jobs. Those who do not have laptops will be encouraged to save the money they make and be assisted in buying affordable refurbished laptops so they can continue to work from home.

The youth who train at DAF will be taken through a compulsory mentorship session and be educated on why it is important to make use of the available opportunities in order to avoid idleness and save some money. The mentorship sessions involve the following discussions:

      1. Why it is important to find online jobs
      2. Financial responsibility
      3. Soft skills
      4. The reality on what to expect after graduating from university

DAF carries out youth engagement forums every week that are known as DAF Convos. The topics vary based on the particular issues the youth feel need to be addressed. These include, How to cope during COVID-19, How to use social media to advance skills and market yourself, the job market in Kenya etc. This is also an opportunity for the youth to network and exchange experiences. DAF welcomes speakers depending on the topics of discussion every week.

We encourage every young person that is interested to visit the DAF offices or call our offices for more information.