My Unemployment Story

Some of the most important virtues that I was taught growing up came from my parents and elders. One of the most important lessons was how to be a hard working gentleman. I applied hard work and graduated back in 2017. Just like any other graduate out there full of hope of getting a job and living a good life, I realized that the journey would be harder than I thought. I stayed at home for a period of 4 months before getting a non-paid internship for a 3-month period.

During this time, I was paying for housing, food and basic needs with some savings I had back from campus and some side gigs I did. The internship period gave me great experience of the media industry although I was living from hand to mouth.

After that period, an internship opportunity availed itself. This was a paid government internship training program for a period of one year. After the internship, I still had to look for a job because the program only enhanced employability but did not guarantee absorption. I am thankful to the program managers for instilling several skills that I have used to secure small jobs here and there since efforts to secure permanent employment have not been fruitful.

After 2 years of searching for employment through the usual channels, I still did not secure a single interview and did not receive a single response to the applications I made. That’s when reality hit, at that time the Kenyan economy was scaling down, companies retrenching mostly their junior officers and there were hopeful graduates ready to join entry level positions. Hopes of securing a job even from places I interned before became bleak.

My self-esteem took a hit and for a while there I wondered how I was going to cope. I however decided that this would not destroy me and decided to use whatever resources I had to get ahead. One of those resources was time. I made use of the time I had to polish my skills in IT and make something of myself. I am now happy that I had this time because I managed to find passion and now, I’m working on ensuring that my passion can turn to profit and this will bring me true happiness. Where happiness meets purpose am sure there will be success.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I have experienced some ups and downs due to less demand for my services. I have used this time to work harder on achieving my goal. The pandemic has helped validate the importance of ICT in any business setup. By delivering some services online and from home has enhanced the flexibility of my side gigs. During this time I have been taking an online course on entrepreneurship skills, this is to help me turn my passion into profit. ‘Keep the energy’ is a phrase I use to help keep me invigorated and focused on my goal.

I am Nicholas Mwaniki, and that is my unemployment story.

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