My Story – Joblessness

My name is Lucy and this is my unemployment story.

I joined University in September 2014 after scoring B in KCSE. Way back I had always wanted to be a nurse but I did not qualify. I enrolled for Bachelor of Science Informatics and I was so excited finally join campus.

My lecturers were always there for me. I got my third year attachment without much struggle. My end of year project supervisor was also there to guide me. Everything was a success, I even got a chance to present my project at the National Nurses Conference. My last semester ended in September 2018 and with three months before graduation, I started applying for internships. I didn’t get any. I figured that it was because I lacked a certificate.

I finally graduated in Dec 2018. Having a certificate, transcripts and an updated cv, I applied for internships and jobs. I was not lucky to get one. I felt as though my efforts were not bringing any results so I made the decision to move to Nairobi. This took place in June 2019. I was jobless and desperate. I printed 100 CV’s to start with and dropped them in many different offices and in several occasions I got kicked out by security.

I started blogging, developing websites and online writing (which am good at). Life was getting better until my laptop broke down. Everything around me now seemed dark. I used up all my savings, went broke and lost friends. As luck would have it, I managed to land a Telkom sales job. Standing all day under the sun while barely making money was really tough. I did this for two moths then decided that it was just not for me. I therefore decided to relocate to my home in Baringo.

While in Baringo, I had time to do some thinking and soul searching and I decided that I was not going to give up. In Jan 2020 I went back to Nairobi. I managed to get a volunteer job for 3 months. It was a good offer as it kept me busy but my bills weren’t going to pay themselves. I decided to sales another shot and have been at the job since then. I even managed to get good at it.

The Coronavirus pandemic has the potential to create devastating social, economic and political crisis. Every day people are losing jobs and income, myself included and I have no way of knowing when normality will return. I have been greatly affected and worried about impact of the COVID-19.

Hearing stories from entrepreneurs really motivates me and I hope to soon be an entrepreneur. I have to be innovative and I’m certain mentorship programs will be of great help.

Currently I am still not fully employed. I have been horse racing and hope someday I will have my own horse farm. I don’t regret the paths I took in life. I have patience, strong faith and I trust the process. I hope my story will motivate someone else and make them realize that they are not alone in this journey of seeking employment.

I am Lucy Jemutai and that’s my unemployment story.

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