What we do

Digital Africa Foundation is an non-governmental organization committed to bridging the emerging economic gap by incorporating youth in their digital agenda with the focus on leadership, entrepreneurship and mentorship, to create sustainable business and employment opportunities. DAF believes that this will help reduce the growing numbers of youth unemployment and challenges associated with it. This makes it a perfect platform for the youth who are facing various challenges to utilize the readily available technology by bridging the digital divide and industry gap, therefore growing towards a social economically developed Nation.

How we do it


We train youths on latest technical and soft skills, Professional & legal as well as Managerial training.

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We work with like minded professional to mentor youth and enrich them personally and professionally

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Thought Leadership

We provide skills that will enhance the youths ability to thrive in key arears of lives

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Our focus


DAF participates in the dissemination of information to the young people about accessing land and other resources that are vital in promoting agribusiness.

Food security

We engaged to reduce food dependency across Kenya and Africa as we equip young farmers with new technology used in modern agriculture for quantity and quality of production of agribusiness produce.

Agricultural Camps

DAF facilitates mentorship of youth interested in agribusiness by the successful young farmers trained by the foundation.


We help youth by validating their ideas and making them more realistic, Offering assistance in packaging the youth so they may be able to access funding, connect them with the Market.

Leadership & Governance

Digital Africa Foundation main focus on leadership and governance is on explaining why leadership and governance matter and why and how it affects the youth.

Arts & Culture

We help youth tap into their artistry oriented to visual arts, music, thespians, literature (poetry, dram, etc.), Dance and choreography.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.


We train, mentor and provide skills that will enhance
the youths ability to thrive in key arears of life.


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