Digital Africa Foundation strongly believes that good governance is the single most important factor in enhancing program sustainability that is founded on the pillars of accountability and transparency. As such, DAF has put in place a well-founded governance structure.

The organization consists of the following arms:

Governing Council

The mandate of the Governing Council is to guide the programmatic and strategic work of DAF. The Council consist of global business leaders. The council is entrusted to Set Board directions, develop broad directional policy, Initiate and approve recommendations and strategies, Monitoring and Reporting progress.

Executive Board

The team comprises of highly experienced professionals who carry the vision of the organization and are tasked with the strategic planning and direction of the organization. The board is entrusted with overseeing policy formation and implementation, as well as resource mobilization.

Management Board

The management board consists of individuals involved with program execution and operational activities of the organization. The team encompasses department heads who execute day to day administrative and management duties.


Digital Africa Foundation has created an eco-system of members both organizational & individual all bound by a shared passion-creating an economic digital revolution in Kenya.