Digital Africa Foundation

Digital Africa Foundation (DAF) is an organization that is committed to bridging the emerging economic gap by incorporating Youth in our digital agenda with the focus on eCommerce to create sustainable business and employment opportunities. We believe that this will help reduce the growing numbers of youth unemployment and challenges associated with it. This makes it a perfect platform for our Youth who facing various challenges can utilize the readily available Technology by bridging the digital divide and industry gap therefore grow towards a social economic developed nation.


Studies show that it takes a graduate an average of 5 years to secure a stable job. Kenya’s economy is growing at a rate of 5.5% per annum. With Kenyan universities churning out close to 50,000 graduates every year only a fraction get into formal employment. Kenya having the biggest economy in East Africa records the highest youth unemployment rate. One may think that the high population rate is responsible for this but countries such as Nigeria with a population of over 192.4 million record a youth unemployment rate estimated at 13%. World Bank studies show that Kenya’s ability to create new opportunities lags behind the population growth.

With a slow rising economy, the demand of jobs outweighs the supply.

The myths surrounding entrepreneurship have also discouraged the youths from going this route. Increased corruption has also led to complete disbelief in the system which only works for the 1% in Kenya.
These practices have led to an increase in poverty and the youth have lost all hope and have as a result have turned to alcoholism, unplanned marriages and pregnancies, depression, severe anger issues and lives of crime.

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Our Goals

  • Advocating for the increased adoption of technology within the public and private domains, which will boost productivity that leads to industrial development.
  • Creation of platforms that will advance the acquisition and development of talent, skills and diversity in the technology sector through training and mentorship.
  • Enabling the creation of youth employment through driving innovation and competitiveness in the technology sector across different industry verticals.

To promote economic growth through entrepreneurship and job creations by the Youth and advocating for the use of ICT as a key driver to socio-economic growth and development in Kenya.

Transforming Young Lives and shaping the minds of our future leaders.