The holistic view of the project envisages continuous development of all sectors in the economy.

Due to the fact that the digital age is very dynamic and fast paced, the foundation intends to be at the forefront of upcoming technologies by sustaining global partnerships that will ensure that global standards and best practices are achieved and maintained.

The program is designed to advance the youth’s way of life by creating an environment where the young people can exploit their potential through value adding initiatives. Our strategies for the youth will enable them the access sustainable skills and empowerment. The impact of the program will be measured through a notable increase in the number of young people taking part in different training activities and the refining on their capacity building.

For an effective sustainability of the project, the DAF foundation will work towards self-sustainability within the first three years of operation by engaging in income generating activities that support the administrative costs while donations will be used to roll out the program.  Additionally, regular follow-ups and monitoring will be essential to the sustainability of the project, as it will assist in supporting its stakeholders.