The Nairobi City County is the creation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and successor of the defunct City Council of Nairobi is the largest and most economically diverse of the 47 Counties of Kenya. It is also Kenya’s capital and largest city. It operates under the auspices of the Cities and Urban Areas Act, The Devolved Governments Act and a host of other Acts.

The Nairobi City County is charged with the responsibility of providing a variety of services to residents within its area of jurisdiction. These include the services that were hitherto provided by the defunct City Council and the ones that have been transferred from the national government.

The former include Physical Planning, Public Health, Social Services and Housing, Primary Education Infrastructure, Inspectorate Services, Public Works, Environment Management while the latter include Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries, Trade, Industrialization, Corporate Development, Tourism and Wildlife, Public Service Management.

It was founded in 2013 on the same boundaries as Nairobi Province, after Kenya’s 8 provinces were subdivided into 47 counties. Nairobi County Government is the administration in charge of Nairobi under Kenya’s Devolved System of government.

The government is headed by Mike Mbuvi Sonko as the Governor and is composed of 17 Parliamentary constituencies.

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