The youth perceive agriculture as unattractive and “uncool” and would rather struggle for years to find a mediocre job that has no promise of growth or security than venture into agribusiness. The misguided emphasis that has been put on the importance of having a job that the peers approve of no matter how little it pays is unrealistic and highly misleading. Many young people have turned to agribusiness to earn a living after attaining a college degree in other fields.
Digital Africa Foundation, through the “Agriculture is Cool Campaign” is providing an interest in Agribusiness amongst the youth in Kenya and will ensure that they have the necessary information that they require in order to grow healthy crops and raise livestock successfully for commercial purposes in an effort to promote enterprise creation, inter county and intra county trade and ensure food security.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! Agribusiness, my friends, is the name of the game. Digital Africa Foundation is calling upon all members of the youth interested in agriculture to sign up and learn something new. Tired of sitting at home with your degree framed on your wall depressed over not having a job? Tired of tarmacking only to find an internship that has no promise of growth and lacks security? Tired of seeing your bills pile up wondering how they shall be paid? Tired of being at a job that demotivates you? This is your platform. It’s time for you to be your own boss. Who said that agriculture is for retirees? Who said that agriculture can’t pay the bills? And most importantly, who said that Agriculture is no fun? Digital Africa Foundation is making Agriculture cool and you have to be a part of this movement. Keep it here for more information.
Jibambe na Agriculture!