Having graduated from university with a Master in Public Health, in the year 2016, I ventured out to
look for employment but was only fortunate enough to get internships. Despite my hard work there
were no permanent vacancies in my field. Therefore, I had to come up with ways of making money
so I started off by doing modeling gigs.Upon receiving my first pay check of Kes 24,000 after tax of course.

Pictured: Christopher Muindi in his farm
Pictured: Christopher Muindi in his farm

I decided that I needed to find a way to invest the money and make the most out of it,
instead of spending it on myself. After seeing my parents benefit from farming and selling maize to
the local market, I thought that it would be a good idea to give it a try. I had read up on macadamia
and avocados on news articles and went about buying 30 seedlings from a local orchard famer in

I started on a small scale but I intend on increasing yield as I go by.
My farming started in April 2018 and my trees are doing well in Mua, Machakos, however, since I
live in Nairobi I have to make a few trips to see how my trees are doing. I have no prior experience in
farming but with the help of my parents it was easy to get into and it was also a very inexpensive

Christopher started farming in April 2018
Christopher started farming in April 2018.

The trees alone will take over three years to mature so I am looking into other short-term
projects in farming such as growing vegetables. My goal is to be a successful entrepreneur and
supplier of fresh produce across Kenya and I would advise other young people to give it a try. Let us
be the ones that create jobs and not have to chase them.

Testimonial By Christopher Muindi